Sunrise JR Pass

Payment Method

All services/tours/activities/tickets must be prepaid at the time of booking by Cash / Credit card / Check/ Bank transfer. All prices will be processed in Malaysian Ringgit, and are subject to additional currency conversions by banks or credit card companies, which are not within SUNRISE’s control. Please note in regards to refunds, any difference that may arise from the fluctuation in the exchange rate will not be SUNRISE’s responsibly. SUNRISE will not assume any foreign exchange risk. Reservations for tours may be canceled if a full payment is not received within the required deadline.

Account No.: MAYBANK 014084-430136

Cancellation Policy for JR Pass

==Exchange Voucher ( Before exchanging the JR PASS in Japan) == If your Exchange Voucher has not been exchanged for a JR Pass in Japan and has not exceeded one year after the date of issue, we can refund it. CANCELLATION FEE is 10% OF YOUR PURCHASE PRICE + DOCUMENTATION FEE WILL BE CHARGE PER TICKET. Please ship back your unused Voucher to us. Once we receive your Voucher, we will process a refund for you. The shipping fee will not be refunded.

[Shipping to]

Sunrise Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd

Unit 4.05, Level 4, Amoda Building No 22,

Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

==JR Pass (After exchanged to JR PASS) == After the Exchange Voucher is exchanged for a Japan Rail Pass and before the Japan Rail Pass is used, the Japan Rail Pass can be refunded at any Japan Rail Pass exchange office in Japan. * 10% of the Japan Rail Pass price in Japanese Yen, will be deducted as a handling fee. * No refund can be made for any reason on or after the first day of use (start date). * Neither refunds nor extensions of the validity period can be made on a Japan Rail Pass in the event of train’s non-operation, delay, or the like.

Please note that we cannot process any refunds after you have exchanged for JR Pass. It can only be done In Japan.

We Deliver your Japan Rail Pass Exchange Voucher Globally

We will delivery your Japan Rail Pass Exchange Voucher thru the local courier service company.

If you are a neighbor, you may also drop by our office to pick up your exchange vouchers in person for free. Click HERE for our office locations!