Sunrise JR Pass

1. What is a Japan Rail Pass?

Japan Railway Pass can be used for unlimited rides on most of the Japan Railway trains and bus services. You can also ride the famous Bullet Train, the Super Express Shinkansen! The Japan Rail Pass is offered for 7, 14, or 21 days, with 2 types of seat classes: Ordinary or Green.

There are some exceptions and restrictions, visit HERE to see information from the official Japan Rail Pass website.

2. Am I eligible to use the Japan Rail Pass?

You are a foreign tourist visiting Japan from abroad for sight-seeing, under the entry status of “temporary visitor.”

*Please click HERE to find out more details about eligibility.

*Japanese passport holders can purchase starting 01 June 2017. Click here for eligibility requirements.

We may need a copy of the document that shows you are eligible. In that case, please send it by fax or as an e-mail attachment. Please be advised that until we receive a copy of the necessary documents we will not be able to fully process your exchange order, so we advise that you place your order at least 1 week before your departure date. Japan Railway will make the final decision whether to authorize the issuing of the JR pass. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements or if the JR officer is unable to verify the status, it will not be possible to exchange the JR Pass. We kindly ask you to check the above points carefully before placing your order.

*Please click HERE to find out official details about eligibility.

3. What personal information do you collect for me to purchase the Japan Rail Pass?

We will require your full name, EXACTLY as it would appear on your passport. We also require a billing address, mailing address, the dates of travel, and payment information. For orders from certain countries, our representative may contact you via email for further information to verify your order.

4. What is a “Green Car” vs an “Ordinary Car”?

The Green Class Car is equipped with upscale super-comfortable seats, that are wider and more spacious than the Ordinary cars. The car is also carpeted, has extra room for luggage, and the attendant will provide you with a hot towel upon boarding. Depending on the season, the Ordinary Class Car will become very crowded, with little space to place luggage.

Check out HERE to see more details about each seating class.

Green ClassOrdinary Class

5. Do you sell other types of Japan Rail Passes?

Yes. There are other types of passes that are limited to regional use. If your plans are to travel within a specific area of Japan, such as “only around Osaka area” or “just in Kyushu area”, the “Regional Japan Rail Pass” might suit your needs better. Similar to the nationwide Japan Rail Pass, each Regional Pass allows the same unlimited travel benefits on designated Japan Rail trains, buses, and ferries, but are limited within the region.

Regional Passes

Hokkaido pass HERE
East pass HERE
Central pass HERE
West pass HERE
Shikoku pass HERE
Kyushu pass HERE

It must be noted that these regional passes can only be used by foreign tourists, under the entry status of “temporary visitor”. These regional passes cannot be purchased by Japanese passport holders.

Please contact us, and our representatives can help you with any of the regional passes.


6. Can I use the Japan Rail Pass to board any train, bus, or ferry in Japan?

You can use the Japan Rail Pass on most railways and buses that are operated by the Japan Railway Group. The exceptions as follows;

Sleeper cars, Private Compartments, Certain Bullet Trains such as Shinkansen “Nozomi Super Express”, “Mizuho”, few specific local line and JR Express Bus. You can use the pass on the Tokaido Shinkansen, Sanyo Shinkansen, and Kyushu Shinkansen but the pass is limited to the “HIKARI,” “SAKURA,” “KODAMA,” or “TSUBAME” trains. If you use a “NOZOMI” or a “MIZUHO” train, you will be asked to pay the basic fare AND the limited express surcharge.

You can also use the Tokyo monorail. You cannot use the Japan Rail Pass for NON-Japan Railway Group services like Tokyo Metro or Odakyu.

Please click HERE to find out more details about the types of transportation you can use.

7. Should I get the Japan Rail Pass now? Will the Japan Rail Pass expire?

It is necessary to buy it before your departure. Once you purchase your Japan Rail Pass, we will send you an “Exchange Voucher” which will need to presented at a Japan Railway Exchange Office in Japan, and the actual Japan Rail Pass will be provided. It is important to know that the “exchange” MUST happen within 90 days from your purchase. When you exchange your voucher at the Japan Railway Exchange Office you will be asked to choose a “Starting Date” for your Japan Rail Pass. This date must be within 30 days of the exchange. From this start date, your Japan Rail Pass will be valid for the number of days you have purchased(7days/14days/21days).

For more information about how to exchange the Japan Railway Exchange Voucher, please click HERE for details.

 8. How do I purchase and use the Japan Rail Pass?

Purchase it on our site or contact us at [email protected] Select from Green or Ordinary Seat Class, 7 days, 14 days, or 21 days. When prompted for a passenger name, make sure you enter it correctly and that it matches the name on the passport! We will send you the Exchange Voucher via FedEx!
Visit any Japan Rail Pass Exchange Office (Click 
HERE for locations) to exchange your voucher. You will be asked to fill out a simple form and asked to present the Exchange Voucher,your passport and proof document for a screening process of eligibility. Once the eligibility is verified, you will be asked the desired starting date, and you will receive your Japan Rail Pass!
You now have the pass! You are ready to go!

9. How do I book reserved seating?

Once you obtain the Japan Rail Pass, you have the option to make seat reservations for trains that have reserved seats. Most trains have regular seats in which you don’t have to reserve seats. You will not be able to make reservations for reserved seats until you make the exchange from the Exchange Order. Many express trains will accept seat reservations without additional fees. Simply visit a JR Travel Service Center or Reservation Office (called “Midori No Madoguchi”, with a green sign) located within many JR stations. Show your JAPAN RAIL PASS, tell the operator which train you will want to take and receive your reserved-seat ticket. Seat reservations are not accepted via phone or online. To find out details about seat reservations, click HERE

10. Can you book a seat reservation for me?

The seat reservations can only be made “after” you make the exchange to the Japan Rail Pass, so you will have to make seat reservations yourself in Japan.

11. Are there any porters or lockers at the stations?

Porters are not available at any Japan Railway Stations. Coin-operated lockers are available in many stations. Look for this sign at many Japan Railway Stations.

12. What is the refund policy?

==Exchange Voucher==
An Exchange Voucher that has not been turned in for a Japan Rail Pass and has not exceeded one year after the date of issue can be refunded at the same company that has issued the Voucher. A handling charge and a communication fee, set forth by the regulations of the issuing company, will be deducted at the rate of 10%.
==Japan Rail Pass==
After the Exchange Voucher is exchanged for a Japan Rail Pass and before the Japan Rail Pass is used, the Japan Rail Pass can be refunded at any Japan Rail Pass exchange offices of the Japan Railways Groups.
* No refund can be made for any reason on or after the first day of use (start date).
* Neither refunds nor extensions of the validity period can be made on a Japan Rail Pass in the event of train’s non-operation, delay, or the like.
** The cost of shipping will not be refunded. In addition, shipping fee for any Exchange Vouchers required to be shipped back to NTA America (issuing company of My JR Pass) will be the responsibility of the customer.

13. What happens if my Exchange Voucher or Japan Rail Pass is lost or stolen?

Neither an Exchange Voucher nor a Japan Rail Pass can be reissued if lost or stolen.

14. Is the Japan Rail Pass really a good deal?

This will depend on how many places you’ll visit, and how long your trip will be in Japan. For example, if you plan to only take a round trip Shinkansen Super Express between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka, it will be more economical to just purchase a regular ticket. Regular Tickets (JPY 27,240) VS Japan Rail Pass / Ordinary 7days / Adult (JPY 29,110). But if you plan to go many places like the illustrations below, it is a much better value!

Japan Rail Pass If purchased regularly;

  • 1. Narita Airport to Tokyo: 3,020 Yen
  • 2. Tokyo To Kyoto: 13,910 Yen
  • 3. Kyoto to Osaka: 560 Yen
  • 4. Osaka to Hiroshima: 10,440 Yen
  • 5. Hiroshima to Narita Airport: 21,630 Yen
  • Total: 49,560 Yen

Compared to an Ordinary Class, 7 Days, Adult pass of 29,110 Yen. It is a saving of 20,450 Yen (Approx $190 USD) Try it yourself! Check out this great fare calculation website: