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The bullet trains in Japan, are called ‘SHINKANSEN’!!

Using My JR PASS.

‘Shinkansen’ is the fastest speed train in Japan, operated by JR. With running speeds up to 320 km/h (200 miles/h)! There are several kinds of Bullet Train/Shinkansen. The JR Pass cannot be used for travel on the NOZOMI and the MIZUHO Shinkansen but can be used on all other Shinkansen. HIKARI, KODAMA, SAKURA, HAYABUSA, etc. Most of the Shinkansen has 3 kinds of train cars, Non- reserved seat cars / reserved seat cars / Green cars (all reserved seats). The Green car is first class, just like on an airplane! If you have the ordinary pass, you can use the Non-reserved seat car and the Reserved seat car. Advance seat reservations are required to use a seat in the Reserved seat car. No additional fee is required.

If you have a JR Green Pass, you can use the Green car. The advantage, obviously, is that you can enjoy the extra space and the much more comfortable seats. Please show your JR PASS when making your seat reservation at the JR booking office, and enjoy your trip!

Why Japan Rail Pass?

Japan Railway Pass is The Best Way to travel within Japan. The Railway is serving the whole country, and the Pass can be used for unlimited rides on most of the Japan Railway trains. You can also ride the famous Bullet Train, the Super Express Shinkansen!
The Japan Rail Pass is offered for 7, 14, or 21 days, with 2 types of seat classes: Ordinary or Green.


And JR Pass is a great deal. For example, if you plan to only take a round trip Shinkansen Super Express between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka, it will be more economical to just purchase a regular ticket. Regular Tickets (JPY 27,240) VS Japan Rail Pass / Ordinary 7days / Adult (JPY 29,650). But if you plan to go many places like the illustrations below, it is a much better value!

Japan Rail Pass If purchased regularly;
  • 1. Narita Airport to Tokyo: 3,020 Yen
  • 2. Tokyo To Kyoto: 13,910 Yen
  • 3. Kyoto to Osaka: 560 Yen
  • 4. Osaka to Hiroshima: 10,440 Yen
  • 5. Hiroshima to Narita Airport: 21,630 Yen
  • Total: 49,560 Yen
Compared to an Ordinary Class, 7 Days, Adult pass of 29,650 Yen. It is a saving of 19,910 Yen (Approx $190 USD) Try it yourself! Check out this great fare calculation website:

Why My JR Pass?

Best Price & Secure shipping by FedEx!

We are one of the selected few ‘official’ travel agencies that is fully authorized by Japan Railways Group to issue and sell the Japan Rail Pass. We always offer competitive pricing and secure worldwide shipping via ‘FedEx’ We will give you your tracking number after shipping. If you have any question, please contact [email protected]. We will kindly reply back within 3 business days.

JR Pass Types and Prices

The most popular Nationwide JR Passes are the following types & prices

  • 2 Class; Ordinary (Tourist class)   /  Green  (First Class)
  • 3 Durations; consecutive  7 days / 14 days / 21 days 
  • 2 types of Age; Adult  / Child (Children who are age 6 to 11 years old as of the date when the exchange voucher is issued are eligible for Child Pass prices) 
 Type Green Ordinary
 Duration AdultChildAdultChild
  7-day 39,600 Yen 19,800 Yen 29,650 Yen 14,820 Yen
 14-day 64,120 Yen 32,060 Yen 47,250 Yen 23,620  Yen
 21-day 83,390 Yen 41,690 Yen 60,450 Yen 30,220 Yen

What is the difference between Green and Ordinary ?

JR operates more than 100 limited express trains and there are many styles of Green seats. In general, we can say, The Green Class Car is equipped with upscale super-comfortable seats, that are wider and more spacious than the Ordinary cars. The car is also carpeted, has extra room for luggage, and most of the car attendants will provide you with a hot towel upon boarding. Depending on the season, the Ordinary Class Car will become very crowded, with little space to place luggage.

Seat Pitch 1100mm to 1160mm 910mm to 1000mm 
Seat configuration 2+1 or 2+2 2+2 or 3+2  
Equipment Power plug /Footrest etc. Footrest 
Meal X X Not included
The Bullet Train ‘Nozomi’ ‘Mizuho’ X X Cannot use JR PASS
Reservation Required Required 
Reservation Fee No additional fee No additional fee 
Making a Reservation Easy Caution during busy season 
Other Bullet Train Green car / Ordinary Car Ordinary Car Both can use unreserved seat
Local Express Train Green car / Ordinary Car Ordinary Car Both can use unreserved seat