Sunrise JR Pass

How do I purchase and use the Japan Rail Pass?

Purchase the Voucher before Departure.

It is necessary to purchase it before your departure. Once you purchase your JR Pass or Japan Rail Pass with us, we will send you an “Exchange Voucher” which you will need to present at a Japan Railway Exchange Office in Japan, and it will be exchanged for the actual Japan Rail Pass. It is important to know that the “exchange” MUST happen within 90 days from your purchase with us. If you are unable to purchase before your departure, you can purchase the pass at a higher price, in Japan. For pricing details please click here. When you exchange your voucher at the Japan Railway Exchange Office you will be asked to choose a “Starting Date” for your Japan Rail Pass. This date must be within 30 days of the exchange. From this start date, your Japan Rail Pass will be valid for the number of days you have purchased it for.

It's easy, just "Buy" it here, "Exchange" in Japan, and you're ready to "Go"!


Select from Green or Ordinary Seat Class, 7 days, 14 days, or 21 days. When prompted for a passenger name, make sure you enter it correctly and that it matches the name on the passport! We will send you the Exchange Voucher via FedEx!


Visit any Japan Rail Pass Exchange Office to exchange your voucher. You will be asked to fill out a simple form and asked to present the Exchange Voucher and your passport for eligibility verification. Once the eligibility is verified, you will be asked the desired starting date, and you will receive your Japan Rail Pass!


You now have the pass! You are ready to go!

  Sample Purchasing Scenario:

If you are planning a trip to Japan with the following itinerary, you can buy the exchange voucher from the beginning of July, and exchange the exchange voucher into a JR PASS on Oct 1st at Narita airport. If you would like to save money, we recommend that you purchase the JR 7 days PASS with a starting date of Oct 4th.